Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence (2nd Edition)

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Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence (2nd Edition)

Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence (2nd Edition)

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This is somewhat equivalent to saying that your sentence recognition software, which looks for a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end, sometimes finds "sentences" in strings of random letters that don't make any sense. He also does somewhat support certain creationist ideas, especially the one pointing out the lack of fluent evolution, there being no species of humanoids halfway between the Neandetrthal and Homo Sapiens, for example. I’m an open minded reader, and it’s got me wondering why some of the things it discusses have never occurred to me.

The first two chapters in the book was interesting but overall I felt the author jumped to conclusions far to quickly, phrased the arguments solely to proof he's point and cited little evidence to support he's assumptions. The Sun dazzles and damages our eyes and skin without protection of sunglasses and SPF skin lotion whereas all other creatures on Earth have evolved to avoid these problems with nictitating membranes for their eyes or thick hair or fatty skin.He goes on to say that while the Earth approximately meets human needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as whomever brought humans to the planet initially thought. In these stories, humans might have been created by mixing the DNA of an ape and the alien species; were born in another planet but found their way to Earth; or had their creation be the direct action of another, even older race of humans or humanoid-looking. I think that the Ellis Silver hypothesis is not the right one, but, I am sure also that if he’d had even a minimally competent bit of instruction in basic genetics and molecular biology, or if he go back to modern school, he will not get the right hypothesis either. It is enough to have in this Universe some non-intelligent natural systems that are more perfect machines than apes and human bodies, as we are suspecting they exists and building theoretical models of them. Apple's upcoming iOS 18 is 'biggest' update in iPhone history, says report that predicts four new AI-powered.

In fact is was faked using a Medieval human skull, the jaw bone of an orangutan and fossilized teeth from a chimpanzee, and then “aged” by soaking it in acid and staining it with an iron solution. There hasn't been any substantial evidence presented that would possibly have me looking down the rabbit hole. Scientific American maintains a strict policy of editorial independence in reporting developments in science to our readers. They range from humans suffering from bad backs - which he suggests is because we evolved in a world with lower gravity – to getting too easily sunburned and having difficulty giving birth. In the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible, Adam has been written about how his idol was made from the soil and then the spirit was put into it, then Eve was born after this.

Another example is Koko, a western lowland gorilla who understands about 2,000 spoken words and can use sign language to communicate more than 1,000. The bodily adaptations for aquatic life that we share were surprising such as our kidneys being similar to marine mammals in filtering out salt make you think, while I was aware of the lack of body hair and subcutaneous fat controversy for evolution. Are we to conclude, then, that every species on the planet, from flatworm to elephant, was brought here by aliens? Dr Ellis said the book is intended to create debate, instead of being a scientific study and hopes it will lead to people getting in touch with him with further suggestions of 'evidence'. As long as I'm wondering who Ellis Silver is, I'd also like to tag a few specific names onto some geneticists…you know, the some geneticists vaguely referred to as claiming that ORFANs are alien DNA spliced into Homo erectus.

Also, further investigation would be needed into the origins of the "Jesus" story and the origin of monotheistic beliefs. We also have a truly outsize impact on the planetary environment without much in the way of natural attrition to trim our influence (at least not yet). He also covers everything from the DNA science and archaeology to the conspiracies and known extraterrestrial species. Silver favors a alien intervention theory but he includes numerous alternatives along with presenting the cracks in the current evolutionary dogma. Dr Ellis suggests Neanderthals such as homo erectus were crossbred with another species, perhaps from Alpha Centauri.I've known a few geneticists in my time, and I don't know of any who wouldn't double over in laughter at that hypothesis. Whether you are entranced by any of the theories presented is not as important as the questions that are raised in this most intriguing book. I mean why would they go to the trouble to alter our genes so we could live her especially if this was a prison planet?

I've read about widespread human genes that are only thousands of years old, but are there any which are only decades old like nylonase, and yet, have already spread to substantial populations? In fact, it quickly becomes clear that we evolved on a world distinctly different from the one we live on today. It appears the author is probably a Christian and this belief system is way too simplistic to deal with the implications of the matter at hand. A very simple example can be seen in any of the great works of human literature, from Lao Tzu to Shakespeare. According to the changing weather, those who managed to mold themselves according to the changing climate survived, and those who could not work to develop themselves according to the changing weather they finished.

Ellis’ thesis is that humans did not evolve along with the rest of life on earth but that we were planted here by aliens (either fully formed or after being interbred with Neanderthals, he can't decide which), possibly to punish us for being war-mongering and horrible. In the course of life’s three-to-four-billion-year history on Earth, it doesn’t seem that anything exactly like this has actually happened before. One reason for this … is that the Earth might be a prison planet, since we seem to be a naturally violent species and we're here until we learn to behave ourselves,’ he said. Silver has some suggestions as to where is our true home planet is and what type of environment we actually evolved.

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