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Last year, when I turned 30, I went on a celebratory bikini walk — it was the only time I had ever worn a bikini out, and it ended up being pretty liberating. And now, one year into my thirties, I’ve been enjoying the graduation-goggled view of my body many other women talk about as their bodies start to change; noticing wrinkles and new soft patches makes you realize how good you had it in your twenties. If only there were a way to bottle up that feeling of enjoying what you have while you have it to give to younger women. HAMPTON, NH (CBS) - Sophie Scafidi wants people to know about her encounter with a man who made a spy camera out of a Gatorade bottle. "I just want to make sure people are aware of their surroundings," she says. I call to my husband to put on his bathing suit so we can get going, and he aptly reminds me that we wouldn't need bathing suits where we're going. Going to the water is OK, but instead of feeling like a celebration of my body, it feels more like I’m Cersei taking her walk of shame on Game of Thrones. I suddenly not only don't want to undress, but I also want to run and hide. I ask my husband why those guys are dressed; he infers that it’s “clothing optional.” It feels weird and unfair that some people on this part of the beach are dressed.

Spinning At The Speed of Now' Is The Globe-Trotting Surf Movie That's A High-Octane Breath of Fresh Air I end up finding ways to hold the book that covers my body, so that passing men can’t see my breasts. The irony of holding a book that says “Sex Object” for coverage is not lost on me. This isn’t working for me.Those of you coming here for a beach-based, birds-eye-view, slice of erotic video content will no doubt be disappointed that the video was edited in such a way that the naked bodies have been blurred out. Sorry to disappoint you, but if soft pornography is your thing we recommend browsing this little old thing called “the entire internet.” You May Also Like: BuzzFeed Tasty Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Getting to know the greatest mind in the invertebrate world requires a very different spy, one that’s a dead ringer for the coconut octopus it’s designed to meet. The octopus not only has a central brain; it also has a brain in each of its arms. Using its combined brainpower, it works out how best to steal a coconut shell carried by our spy. Its plan is to use the shell as a door to its hideaway to protect itself from predatory sharks. In another act of ingenuity, it improvises a shield and throws missiles at a rival octopus. It also shows a softer and more emotional side when it gives Spy Coconut Octopus a friendly and lingering embrace. BuzzFeed Bring Me Obsessed with travel? Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me!

She said there was also video of the young girls who were sitting with their mother next to her. The witness who has the memory card is sending it to Scafidi, who plans to take it to police. "I'm there every weekend, so it's kind of creepy knowing people are out there doing that." Some have argued that the nudists’ passion for skin is a little excessive but, that being said, you can sort of understand their annoyance when a drone flew over them and got this footage of them in their birthday suits. The drone was exploring the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, when it “accidentally” found a beach littered with naked humans. In the hidden depths off the Californian coast, there are fish that have to be seen to be believed. Alien-like sarcastic fringehead use their outsized gaping mouths to ward off rivals. Spy Fringehead is soon caught in the brawl, but its open mouth reveals a camera, one that captures a fish-eye’s view of the threat it faces. He had a lens and he put that on top, and then where you would sip out of, he took the top off of that, and he was pointing through there, and it was synced to his phone so he was watching what he was recording," said Scafidi. Sophie Scafidi (WBZ-TV)In the Galapagos, Spy Seal does its best to keep up with a lonesome sea lion as it chases tuna, one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Not only must he catch this enormous fish alone, he must do it while fighting off hungry sharks. With that, I peel off the rest of my clothes. I feel vulnerable and soft, like a snail without its shell simmering in the sun. I try to position myself on the beach chair in a way that covers some of my most private bits. My horror is laced with small bursts of enjoyment when the breeze hits my bare chest. But what surprised the group most, was the reaction when they called Hampton Police. Officers said the woman who took the bottle camera was the only one who committed a crime. My daydream comes to a sudden halt when I spot a group of frat boys fully dressed, passing a football nearby. Our spies are not immune to trouble themselves. When Spy Pelican films the spectacular spawning of grunion fish as thousands emerge from the sea to spawn on the beach, it takes a catastrophic plunge into the surf, leaving Spy Crab to take over its filming duties. Spy Iguana is also in trouble when it tries to film iguanas gallantly battling the stormy sea. Despite its best efforts, it is soon washed away. When the same happens to Spy Octopus, all is not lost. It’s rescued from the storm surges by its old friend, the coconut octopus.

On the island of South Georgia, a version of the first spy camera ever made makes a triumphant return. This new Bouldercam dodges eight tonnes of colliding blubber as male elephant seals fight off rivals. In the chaos, an elephant seal pup is separated from his mother, and his survival depends on finding her. Bouldercam is with him all the way as he fights off skuas and other dangers. I am not a beach bunny. My ancestors descended from snowy mountains. Pale and soft like a Russian cloth doll, I look like I should be draped in wolf pelts to stay warm at any given moment. I put this aside for the moment as we trek down the shore.No matter how disturbing, police say there is no law against having a concealed camera in a public place. Since Hampton Beach is a State Park, it's no different than someone taking a picture of the ocean with a phone. A new generation of spy creatures search the ocean for intelligent life and find ways of thinking that have to be seen to be believed. The most complex spy creature ever built films the owner of the largest brains on the planet – sperm whales. Spy Whale is the same size as a new-born whale calf and is equipped with an array of cameras. It even has a hydrophone to capture their calls. In a magical close encounter, Spy Whale is greeted by an inquisitive female who, in astonishing scenes, attempts to communicate. In a touching sign of acceptance, she even introduces her calf to Spy Whale.

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