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I am so nervous because this is a book I really want everyone to try out, but I feel my soul will break if someone hates it.

There was so much repetition in Kate’s narrative, some of which were supposed to be bits of her personality. Bright Sky is told through the pov’s of Kate and Keller, which only served to intensify the emotional impact of the story. This book is EPIC, do not be dissuaded by an innocuous cover, in fact this is a prime example of “never judge a book by it’s cover,” what is inside this cover is exquisite and deserves to be read, to be devoured and to be inhaled.By the time I was half way through the book I was fully aware of where it was going and how it was going to end. My heart alternated between overflowing with happiness and being completely annihilated and you know what? I spent on this one and the hours of my life that I spent reading it are gone and now I need to find something really good to "wash" this one out of my brain.

Perhaps I just failed to connect to the heroine or may be I was just a bit torn up because of the whole awkward love triangle going on here. When I got like 85% through this book I was worried that I was predicting so much was going to make it so I didn't cry, but nope it didn't/ I was a blubbering mess by the end. Though, I’d be shocked if readers were actually surprised by this, as it’s all but spelled out in the beginning of the book. The writing style is fluid, beautiful, emotional, captivating, gut wrenching, all encompassing, this book takes you over, heart, mind, body and soul.Kim Holden, all I can say is you are EPIC, this book is something that you should be truly proud of. We are elegant creatures capable of depth and empathy and heartbreak, who clutch Kindles and hurt and feel – especially at 3 AM. My favorite part of the book was seeing all the lives Kate touched and brightened, and I say this with the most sincerity I have: I truly am looking forward to Gus’s story. I like Kim Holden’s style; she’s always saying something or maybe I should say relaying something about Kate in her writing when you’re not looking for it… its genius really. Entertainment Level- Lo-Med-Hi I say Medium, the book held my attention, pulled out a few laughs and caused some big grins to spread across my face.

This author clearly shares my passion for music and made it so it became an extension of her story as it wove through the pages. Would you throw a pity party and expect all of your near and dear ones to come be with you as you spend at precious moments on this earth.Honestly, if it wasn’t for the last 25% of the book that completely blew me away, I would’ve given this book 2 stars. She’s also a selfless one; Kate keeps everything to herself (sometimes not even clueing in the reader until she finally opens up to another character) simply because she doesn’t want to burden the people she loves with her suffering. I’m not really into the whole being rescued thing, but you make one helluva white knight, Keller Banks. Not that I didn’t love how refreshing her character was but sometimes I felt like the author was laying it on too thick with all the sarcasm it became an overkill.

I thought the story had several aspects that felt forced and inorganic, nevertheless, I was completely invested in Kate (aka Bright Side); although not so much the numerous side characters as they felt like props whose main function was to make “Bright Side” look all bright, sunny, and perfect. This extraordinary girl exudes a light and warmth that draws people to her and really possesses a truly beautiful soul. I inhaled Bright Side in one sitting and when it was over, I was left staring into space and I’m not really sure how to adequately convey my thoughts and express my feelings. Just make sure you remove your makeup first, and have somebody close by to HOLD YOU when you reach the final page. It’s kinda funny to me because this book is two years old so most of you have probably read it but still!

I read and read and read and was so baffled by my boredom and unlove for this that I stopped and read the reviews more closely. If you’re okay with having your heart ripped out of your chest by a book, I highly recommend this one.

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