Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars

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Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars

Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars

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This is salacious, graphic material, but I read reviews beforehand and was aware of and prepared for its type of content. And people who don't know there's a vast world of gay/bi women hidden in plain sight, may be shocked.

Scotty Bowers made his reputation by sleeping with everyone in Hollywood who wasn't actually Lassie, and now he tells all. He tries to up the ante by moving onto exceptionally lurid and very graphic scatalogical stuff involving Charles Laughton and Tyrone Power, but the effect isn't titillation, which is clearly what he's angling for; rather, it's disgust. In that future age it will be easier to see that movie stars and celebrities were and are in the business of mystifying fact and generating stories about themselves. It is "Scotty Bowers"– a name that had me thinking of the Bowers who perished with the great, gloomy Scott 100 years ago in the Antarctic; if only our author had been in that tent.According to Bowers it wasn't abuse in the slightest; it was affection, it was natural, it was sex ed, and it led him to have a wonderfully high libido for the rest of his days. On the one hand it's a scandalous summer beach read, packing with filthy juice Hollywood gossip that you may or may not believe. I have a difficult time believing that Bowers was able to remember details of all of these supposed “tricks” without having kept note of them somewhere.

He claims that theirs was a marriage of convenience, that their supposed romance was a cover story for Edward's homosexuality, the real reason he abdicated. The man is character actor Walter Pigeon (you’re going to want to leave the IMDB app open on your phone while reading – you know more of these actors and actresses than you think), and what he wants is to give ol’ Scotty a hummer. To hear him tell it, he’d been chased after sexually from a young age by all sorts of people – men, women, priests, people on his paper route. Maybe a self-protection mechanism kicked in, but he found his own way to deal with things and didn't let it get him down.He says he went on to sire other children with other women, some deliberately, others not; he says he never accepted payment for offering up his end of conception for these infertile couples, and then talks about how he longs to know how those kids' lives turned out.

I did sometimes wonder if it was all true, but I sometimes googled some of the people the author was talking about and found out that it seems most of the stuff was real.There are certain chapters in this gloriously naive autobiography that I would be happy never to read or think of again, such as the very long passages devoted to Charles Laughton's disinclination to good sexual hygiene, or to his fondness for a sandwich spread that resembles—yet definitely is not—Nutella. He didn't fall in love because of looks (in fact he describes one of his loves as being slightly mousy) or because of sex (he has wilder times with other people, and continues to have sex with lots of people at the same time as being in a committed relationship. Word spread about Bowers among Pidgeon's friends, and Bowers turned the service station into a meeting place for paid sexual encounters, which took place in a nearby trailer or hotel, with his old marine friends assisting him in the business. Scotty Bowers is clearly a narcissist and a bit concerned with the "legend" of his own virility, so much that it seems the memories themselves are more fictional than fact. I think there was plenty more he could have shared, but our current culture is still too puritan to accept what people do sexually.

The book progresses to the present day, through tragic deaths, a second love (ol’ Scotty’s a bigamist), the arrival of AIDS and the end of the promiscuous years.Most of these celebrities were not publicly out during the prime of their lives and careers due to a "morals clause" written into their contracts. People who tend to believe propaganda, such as those manufactured Tracy/Hepburn romance stories, may be surprised. That's surprising, given that 1) I am as far from being a prude as possible and 2) I found the documentary version intriguing enough to pick up this book in the first place. Bowers fought in the Pacific, including at the Battle of Iwo Jima, as a paramarine in the Marine Corps during World War II.

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