The Simpsons (Nintendo DS)

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The Simpsons (Nintendo DS)

The Simpsons (Nintendo DS)

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Be an action hero with Bart and a wreaking ball of destruction with Homer, and you’ll use the stylus to solve puzzles and defeat enemies with Marge and Lisa. Eventually, they build another Skybuck's, and from the other one comes Benjamin Franklin, who attacks them using lightning from his key. Maggie is, in effect, an extension of Marge, briefly being playable in air ducts and other small spaces. A third installment, the DSi, was released in 2009, and contains larger screens, two cameras, and the ability to edit pictures. Hi, I’m expecting to receive my first ever 3DS console this week and would to replay some older games I played years back on my PSP, first one that came to mind was the Simpsons game (the movie tie-in game).

In the Xbox and PS3 version, Marge's shield item is a police hat to turn into "Marge Cop", which makes her stronger and invincible while her mob can throw rocks at enemies (She's the only character that doesn't get nerfed when invincible, merely that she can't use the megaphone blowback).Admiral Simpson tells Homer and Bart to get those white flags before the French have a chance to kiss German butt. The family manages to save their 8-bit predecessors before they are destroyed by Wright, and discover that they will also become obsolete when the next The Simpsons game is released. Homer and Bart receive their mission information from Admiral Abe Simpson, then wind up in a small French town.

Overall, the game hasn’t left me disappointed so far and if I manage to complete it I will probably invest in the 3D version for the Wii. Along the way they have to defeat deceased historical figures William Shakespeare and Benjamin Franklin, and several other "recycled" enemies that the family had killed during previous levels of the game. Homer can wreak havoc and destruction by turning into a wrecking bowling ball version of himself, and the stylus and touchscreen come into play with puzzles for Marge and Lisa to solve. Eventually, they cross the bridge to the other island, where Poochie sends suicide-bombing cat hos to destroy the ice cream trucks. Once you reach the mall's car park you both stand in front of two doors and they open and you get sucked into the space ship.His abilities involve turning into the "Homer ball" by eating food power-ups to let him roll and slam objects; [2] turn into a Gummi Homer by eating small gummi Venus de Milos to shoot gummi grenades; [1] eat hot chili peppers to become Insanity Pepper Homer to use lava and fire bombs; [7] and inhale helium to become a balloon to float in the air.

However, Homer uses his ball form to roll up a slope and break the catwalk that Groening stood upon. They discover Will Wright and discover that he is destroying all of the copies of an old 8-bit Simpsons game.Marge plays somewhat similar to Captain Olimar from the Pikmin series of games, by recruiting a mob of civilians she can use to destroy, repair and build parts of the environment, and to attack enemies. After Homer and Bart take all the white flags, Admiral Simpson gives word that Private Burns stabbed them in the back and is retreating with the paintings on his own cargo ship. Once the characters learn they're in a videogame, it's all about attacking the cliches and making a mockery of the entire industry.

The Simpsons Game, which parodies video games from 30 years prior to 2007, was forced to have some of its content removed after several video game companies complained about it. The 2D side-scrolling game features scenes of witty dialogue from the actual Simpsons actors (no crappy voice-overs, hoorah) and an amusing take on various handhald pet games: Pet Homer. The family manages to defeat them, however Matt Groening admits that he is only creating new games for the money, and destroys the game engine. Both GameSpot and GameTrailers said that the game delivered more than enough laughs to make it worth playing through at least once.

In the self-referential plot, the family discovers that they are forced to participate in another The Simpsons video game. The Simpsons, along with several other characters from the games, escape to Springfield, where the aliens are still attacking.

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