Triton 710W Dowelling Jointer TDJ600 (186171)

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Triton 710W Dowelling Jointer TDJ600 (186171)

Triton 710W Dowelling Jointer TDJ600 (186171)

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The base is perfectly square when the fence is at 90 degrees. Thanks to that, the tool delivers perpendicular cuts every time; First of all, the dimension of the bits. The tool comes out of the box with a couple of 5/16 bits and two 3/8. Obviously, you can use different sizes if the project requires them;

What about depth? It can be set at different levels, ranging from 0 to 1-1/2 inches. Matching the dowel’s length is very important to obtain a reliable joint. If the cut is too deep, you risk the dowel sliding in further than needed when joining the second piece, this resulting in an imbalanced and weaker connection. I’ve mentioned the rubber bumpers on the tool’s base before. Considering that they prevent the tool from moving while operating, they also contribute to the tool’s safety; When cutting slots for dowels, precision is key for getting a reliable joint. With biscuits, for example, there’s some room for error. In this case, you need the holes to be perfectly perpendicular to the joining surface. On top of that, the slots on both pieces must be perfectly aligned. Here are some features of the Triton that guarantee a high level of accuracy: As mentioned before, the tool has a handle on top of it that allows you better control. To be honest, most of the time you’ll want to place your hand on the fence for additional stability. The handle comes in handy (you’ll pardon the pun) when using the tool vertically.This tool work in a similar way to biscuit joiners, if you are familiar with those. The TDJ600 exploits a plunge mechanism to cut two slots for dowel at the same time. It comes with a 5.9A, 710 W motor. Plenty of power for the job it has to do. No-load speed is 17000 rpm. If you want strong and accurate joints for your furniture, cabinetry, or construction, this is the tool for you. First, what it's supposed to do: Make it easy to bore holes for 5/16 dowels for joinery in a fashion similar to a plate or biscuit joiner or Domino. Set up much like a plate joiner, it, in theory, should work much like my current DeWalt.

If you need more ideas, I wrote an article about Domino Joiner alternatives, which also work pretty well for the Triton jointer. You might want to give it a read here. Final ThoughtsIn this article, we are going to learn how it works, its main characteristics, the pros, and the cons (if any). Finally, we will draw conclusions and decide whether it’s worth buying or not. I will also give a couple of alternatives you might want to keep into consideration. To guarantee stable positioning, the base of the tool is equipped with rubber bumpers that prevent the tool from sliding. The bumpers are spring-loaded so that they don’t compromise the precision of the cuts. Simplifies furniture and shelving construction and enables very precise dowelling and easy project or furniture assembly. Another important area to evaluate is a tool’s versatility. Does the TDJ600 allow the required adjustments for different tasks? The complete and easy-to-read manual provides full instructions on how to assemble and maintain your doweling joiner.

Simply line up the T32540 Dual-Spindle Doweling Joiner on a workpiece and in seconds you’ll have two 8mm (5/16") holes drilled with 1-1/4" center-to-center spacing. Finally, some considerations on the price. For a TDJ600 duo dowelling jointer, you’ll basically spend the same amount you would spend on a valid biscuit joiner. A very honest price for what the tool provides. Triton Dowel Jointer AlternativesA dust port makes it possible to connect the tool to a shop vac or a simple bag. That’s good to have since working in a clean shop is safer and also nicer; Another great addition to the tool’s versatility is the adjustable fence. It has a range of movement from 0 to 90°. It allows you to cut angle joints easily. The T32540 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and assures the unit is free from factory defects. (Consumables are not covered by the warranty.)

Finally, and the real killer, is that the idiotic design of the collets for the boring drills. Each bit has a flat side, and one of the first things you do is loosen the little hex nuts that hold the bits in place, make sure the bits are seated properly and that the flat side is up, then tighten the little hex nuts. At the very least, Triton should have had the engineering chops to have a flat side in the collets so that you don't have to fiddle with getting the bits set up right. But the engineering here is bewildering and shoddy. The dust collection port is really next to impossible to use given that it's on the bottom of the device, right beneath the cutters with a very shallow hookup. A clear plastic viewing screen over the drilling area supports accurate alignment during drilling operations and helps protect the operator from flying debris. After cutting a few holes, one of my hex nuts jiggled loose and disappeared. After sweeping my shop with a magnet, I still couldn't find it, so I had to resort to my tried and true, but more time-consuming, self-centering dowel jig to finish up my work. The TDJ600 is a pretty compact tool, and it only weighs around 6 lbs. That makes it easy to handle, even for extended usage;Do you often build projects that require a large number of strong joints, such as dowel joints? If you are looking for a tool that automates the process and increases your efficiency, then you might have bumped into this tool, the Triton Duo Doweling Jointer. This tool is one of a kind, chance is none of your acquaintances own one. That’s why I decided to do the job for you and write this review. The Triton TDJ600 is very safe to use. All the action is “hidden” if you want to use that word. That makes it very hard for things to go wrong. On top of that: As I said before, alignment is key. the TDJ600 comes with a 3 line viewer that allows you to align the dowels correctly. For example, you can mark the center on both pieces to be joined, and align that to the central line. When it comes to versatility, this tool has it with a plunging depth of up to 1-1/2" and angle adjustments from 0–90°.

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