Lil' Missy Goes Shopping with Mommy

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Lil' Missy Goes Shopping with Mommy

Lil' Missy Goes Shopping with Mommy

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Lil Missy UK thinks she’s safe. After all, the hotel is well lit, public…and it’s broad daylight outside! We know: we've been teasing this one for a while now! Unlike with the more common gag types, where we had so many options that we basically threw up our hands and "subcontracted" to a third-party curator, this time we decided to take complete ownership—but there were still so many fine candidates that it took us a while to get all our clips in a row.

After a while you give up your search. I must have hid the item somewhere else before I got home. You leave me in my cuffs whilst you arrange a car to bring me into the station. When it’s all over…will this villainous couple let Missy go? Or will the poor damsel vanish without a trace? That movie, of course, was Pulp Fiction (1994). While the infamous "gimp" won't appeal to most of our visitors, there's no denying his influence: a bondage accessory which previously had been considered too kinky for mainstream entertainment quite suddenly began to find new popularity with directors who wanted to bring a certain edginess to their work. Not too long ago, that would never have been the case. The first widely noted damsel to turn up with a ball gag in a mainstream Western film was Teri Weigel in Night Visitor (1989), though Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) may be allowed on a technicality, and Japan's Shiryô no wana/Evil Dead Trap (1988) was likewise ahead of its time. But you could count the relevant scenes on one hand until a certain smash hit came along and changed the whole "ball" game.My feet are placed on the coffee table and the officer starts to thoroughly search my feet for any illegal items. I plead for them to stop, I'm not hiding anything. You don't listen knowing that's exactly what I would say. You continue to grope and squeeze my feet and toes determined to find what you are looking for. He drops her on the bed and plays with her limp form a bit…eventually waking her and telling her that, if she can get to the door, he’ll let her go. When she manages to get there, she’s thrilled to find Jacquelyn Velvets waiting…at last! She’s rescued! Missy is now fully tied with tape and isn't too sure about the intentions of her captor. Before she knows her mouth is heavily stuffed and there is duct tape wrapped around her head 5 times to keep the stuffing secured in her mouth. Missy tries to protest but it's already too late she is left alone while he searches her house for her valuables. Missy now helpless and left by her captor does her best to make any sounds that you can understand but all that is coming out of her mouth is MMMMMPPPPHING. There is no freakin way she can get this tighlty wrapped gag off it's like it's welded to her face. Missy moves over to the bed to see if she can loosen it a bit up by laying in another position but all her attempts are futile. She starts to panic and wonders how long she will be trapped like this. Missy hopes that someone will come to her rescue soon before it's too late. She tries to scream for help, but the gag muffles her voice. Missy realizes that she needs to stay calm and think of a way to escape. I arrive home to an unexpected visitor. I'm dressed in my office attire, blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels.

Missy, a spy, is calling in to HQ about her progress with a wanted criminal she is following. Missy reported to HQ that her mission was progressing according to plan. Featuring Lil Missy UK Story Missy just arrived home after a day of hard work in the office. When she sits down on the bed, she thinks of fun things to do while she has some free time on her hands, but suddenly a man grabs her from behind before she knows she is silenced by his hand with a hand gag. Missy tries to scream but the man tightens his grip on her mouth. She struggles to break free, but the man is too strong for her. Missy's heart races as she tries to remember any self-defense techniques she learned. She wonders how she can get out of this terrifying situation and hopes someone will come to her rescue soon. For this first installment, we're focusing exclusively on feature films: TV episodes will be coming around in part two. If you simply can't wait, the search bar and the "ball gag" tag are your friends! Her captor removed her gag to ask her where all her money was. But she didn't answer him so he's going to look again but he needs to gag her properly. He stuffs her mouth again and tightly wraps around MF tape to keep her quiet while he robs the place. Missy now still unable to produce any sounds besides the MMMMMPPPPHHHSSS does her best to make anyone hear her but all her attempts are still futile. She struggles around on the bed hoping that the tight tape tie will loosen up a bit but there is no chance she will get out of this without help. Missy's heart was pounding as she realized the gravity of the situation. She knew that she had to find a way to escape before it was too late. She tried to remember how she got into this situation and who could have done this to her. Missy's mind raced as she searched for any ways that could help her escape.feet-searched-whilst-cuffed-lil-missy-uk.mp4 [210.91 MB] - I arrive home to an unexpected visitor. I'm dressed in my office attire, blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels. I struggle in my cuffs completely confused as to why this is happening to me. I need to get out of these cuffs and prove I'm innocent.

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