Spells for Forgetting: the spellbinding magical mystery perfect for longer nights

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Spells for Forgetting: the spellbinding magical mystery perfect for longer nights

Spells for Forgetting: the spellbinding magical mystery perfect for longer nights

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I appreciate Adrienne Young wanted to branch-out from YA to Adult genre but sorry to say this book felt more like a YA book than Adult book despite all the characters are in their 30’s or older than that After a lifetime of hungering for things to change, I’d settled into a life that I hoped never would.” I didn't know that teenagers didn't usually fall into that kind of love, or that there was anything unusual about us at all. I just knew that she felt like air to me.” If you want to forget someone who has hurt you and made you suffer, this simple spell will help you. Try this modern-day witchcraft ritual if you want to let go of an impossible love or forget someone forever. ☀️ I do not recommend this book to anyone. It was a waste of hours of my life, and I wish I had a spell for forgetting so that I wouldn't end up disgruntled just thinking about this book. I was semi looking forward to it, I liked the sound of the premise. However, this book did NOT deliver. Let's talk a few structural details first, before I get into the spoilers.

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There is a second chance romance, as well as interesting family and friend dramas. This book also has fantasy as one of its descriptions, but honestly, fantasy could have been left out and I would have still had the same feelings for the book. It’s great that the fantasy didn’t overpower the book, but it didn’t have as much essence as I have seen in other fantasy books. I could honestly see arguments for why I’m wrong, but this was more of a feeling for me. When it comes to the perfect autumnal read, atmosphere is everything. This is the season for stories filled with darkness and secrecy; the season for evocative settings and bewitching magic. Adrienne Young’s debut adult novel, Spells for Forgetting, has all that and more. From the wild island setting and the whispers of witchcraft that weave through the tale, to the unsolved death that haunts the characters at the heart of the book, this is a story that’s infused with the mystical spirit of autumn. I am looking at the rating of over 4 stars next to this title and I am wondering if these people read the same book that I did. Maybe they just don't care that it was a bad book and rated it high because they like Young's other books? I Release You’: A Spell for Letting Go Once And For All Recipe by Francisco Huanaco Difficulty: EasyOn the morning of August's return, Emery wakes to find all the trees on the island changed to fall color overnight. She knows this to be a sign that something is coming... Adrienne Young never disappoints me. I just love the way she can immerse her readers in a story and how she is able to vividly bring the scenery to life with her words. Spells for Forgetting is so different from her Fable series and wasn't what I was expecting, but I loved it, and for me it just showed her diversity as an author. This book has so many of elements that I enjoy, lyrical writing, highly atmospheric small town setting, secrets, interesting characters (especially Albertine) mystery, magical elements, and spells (although I do wish there was a little more magic involved). My only minor issue was the pacing with a slow start and an ending that felt a little rushed. 4 magical stars. You want two different things at the same time: you are so curious to find out how the mystery unfolds and you don’t want the book end. Lush with secrets, magic, and a past that won’t stay where it belongs, this novel is (quite fittingly) spellbinding.”—JODI PICOULT, author of Wish You Were Here From the New York Times bestselling author comes an evocative, compelling novel of ancestral magic, an unsolved murder, and a second chance at true love.

Forgetful Spells: How To Use Them To Cope With Trauma Forgetful Spells: How To Use Them To Cope With Trauma

Every autumn, when the crowds filled Main Street, I would watch out the window of my mother's shop and imagine him appearing in the stream of faces. More than once, I even thought I saw him. It took longer than I wanted to admit for me to realize that I couldn't cut him from me. That some part of him had been fused to places I couldn't even see.” I feel like I didn’t learn anything anything about the two main protagonists. I kind of know how they felt about certain things, however ask me to describe their personalities and I’ll literally just stand there going “uhhhh…I can’t 😕” Spells for Forgetting by Adrienne Young is a Genre Blend of Mystery-Thriller, Magical Realism, and Romance! We’d had no beginning, I realized. We just always were. When I thought about it like that, it was comforting. Like there was no waiting for an end, either.” At times, I'd even felt like that one memory was the only thing that was keeping me breathing. And there were a million times after I left Saoirse that I wished to God it never happened.”The plot is complex and encompasses a whodunnit mystery with numerous twists. But it’s not just a mystery/thriller, Spells also has some elements of fantasy — spells and potions, and a bit of romance. There is a big and long reveal, but it is slowly exposed layer by layer through each of the players in the novel. A reveal that is sure to surprise. Spells for Forgetting is a multiple perspective novel exploring both Emery and August’s POVs, as well as sporadic chapters that give glimpses into the thoughts and memories of the influential townsfolk that control the island. Whilst constantly shifting viewpoints can sometimes take readers away from the central characters of a book, here it only adds to the secretive, mysterious undertone of the story. Emery and August are the heart and soul of the novel, but there’s a real sense that they’re never alone. The island is always watching them. Whether it’s the island itself, which is ruled by the seasons, or the meddling locals, who’ll do anything to protect the secrets of the past, there isn’t anyone on Saoirse who thinks it’s a good idea for Emery and August to reunite. Except, perhaps, Emery and August themselves. What a wonderful and haunting story this was for me. Adrienne Young is a writer who certainly knows how to make simple words expressive and heartfelt without being too flowery and overdone. The atmospheric writing was beautiful and whimsical where the reader can envision the simple life and everyday functions on Saiorse. I found the characters very believable and felt all their emotions within each of their stories. I enjoyed that the book had several dark mysteries at it's core which will all be brought to light by the end of the book. Do not go into this book thinking there is a lot if magic and fantasy happening throughout the story or you might be a little disappointed. The mysticism is subtle and felt realistic which made the book so very entertaining. I'm so glad I was given the chance to read this novel as it was a wish book granted to me by the publisher. Emery might have stayed on Saoirse but her heart left the moment August did. Her life has been frozen in time for over a decade and August’s arrival stirs up all the unresolved feelings she could never let go of. Yet whilst Emery is conflicted about August’s return, the rest of the town isn’t. They want him gone before his presence causes any more harm. As the seasons change and strange happenings start to occur, the islanders are prepared to take matters into their own hands to make sure August Salt disappears once again – perhaps even for good. A deeply atmospheric story about ancestral magic, an unsolved murder, and a second chance at true love

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