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This Book May Save Your Life

This Book May Save Your Life

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From stress to saturated fats, HIIT to HRT, veganism to vitamins, This Book Could Save Your Life debunks the fads and explores the real science of better health. But as long as you’re avoiding your feelings, you’re denying reality. And if you try to shut something out and say, “I don’t want to think about it,” I guarantee that you’re going to think about it. So invite the feeling in, sit down with it, keep it company. And then decide how long you’re going to hold on to it. Because you’re not a fragile little somebody. It’s good to face every reality. To stop fighting and hiding. To remember that a feeling is just a feeling—it’s not your identity.”

Hoci väčšinu zásad, o ktorých bolo písané už poznám (napríklad, že treba jesť veľa ovocia a pravidelne sa hýbať), mnohé ma prekvapili a moja čítačka, v ktorej knihu mám, je plná zvýraznených pasáži, ku ktorým sa ešte určite vrátim. Táto kniha bola pre mňa obohatením a skutočným vstúpením si do svedomia. Keď už nič aspoň som sa začala štverať do práce po schodoch a jesť oooveľa viac ovocia a zeleniny. You don’t have to figure it out in a hurry. In fact, it’s best to stop figuring and figuring and trying to understand. It’s an answer that will come only by playing more, by living your life as fully as possible, and being who you already are: a person of strength.” You’re either contributing to the relationship or you’re contaminating it,’ I said. ‘How do each of you contaminate the marriage?’”Dr Rajan has been featured on BBC Morning Live, Good Morning Britain, BBC News, Sky News and national radio, with coverage in the Guardian, Independent, Washington Post, New York Post, Metro, Sun, LADBible and the Daily Mail as well as several other international online news outlets . A former weekly health columnist for Mail+, Dr Rajan was also a co-presenter on BBC Two's six-part series Your Body Uncovered. Over the past few years as well as being a regular advocate of health promotion on behalf of the NHS & the U.K. government he has also worked closely with the UN, the WHO & the British Red Cross in an ambassadorial capacity. Nedá mi nepochváliť aj autorov štýl písania. Bolo to pútavé a zrozumiteľné. Uznávam, že veľakrát nešiel úplne do hĺbky, ale vždy sa čo najlepšie snažil opísať všetky procesy, ktoré s danou problematikou súviseli tak, aby to čitateľa neunudilo a zároveň tomu pochopil. A pre hotentotov (ako som napríklad aj ja) nechýbalo na konci kapitoly vždy jedno-dvojvetové zhrnutie.

We can be wounded and accountable. Responsible and innocent. We can give up the secondary gains of victimhood for the primary gains of growing and healing and moving on.” So much of this book resonated with me! Although I have a very different story to Dr Eger's, I also recognised that I had a choice in how I respond to what was done to me and how I want to live my life. To heal doesn’t mean to get over it, but it does mean that we are able to be wounded and whole, to find happiness and fulfillment in our lives despite our loss.” As long as you say you can’t forgive someone, you’re spending energy being against rather than being for yourself and the life you deserve. To forgive isn’t to give someone permission to keep hurting you. It’s not okay that you were harmed. But it’s already done. No one but you can heal the wound.” Catlin’s last words in the book are magnificent “ If I had a million of dollars to give, to do the best charity I could with it, I would invest it in four millions of these little books, and bequeath them to the mothers of the poor, and the rich, of all countries.Rest assured that the great secret of life is the breathing principle, for which Nature has rightly prepared the material, and the proper mode of using it; and at the incipient stage of life where mothers are the physicians, is the easiest place to contract habits against Nature, or to correct them; and that there is woman’s post, her appropriate sphere; where she takes to herself the sweetest pleasures of her existence, and draws the highest admiration of the world, whilst, like ‘a guardian angel’, she is watching over, and giving direction to, the Destinies of Man.“ ReferencesI used to ask, “Why me?” But now I ask, “Why not me?” Perhaps I survived so I can choose what to do with what happened, and how to be here now. So I can show others how to choose life, so my parents and all the innocents didn’t die in vain. So I can turn all the lessons I learned in hell into a gift I offer you now: the opportunity to decide what kind of life you want to have, to discover the untapped potential lying in the shadows, to reveal and reclaim who you really are. Sin duda está señora es una de mis grandes ídolas. Un libro que me ha emocionado y hecho aprender muchísimo sobre la mente humana y ciertamente me ha ayudado en un momento difícil a conocerme y a saber gestionar muchas de mis emociones y a hacerme y responderme grandes cuestiones de mi vida. Catlin noted that those Indian tribes that had not been influenced by the western lifestyle had zero infant mortality. Moreover, there were no deformities in their children, and no child deaths fromdisease. Whereas records of mortality for Europe during the 1850s show that aroundone in four children died at birth, and only one infour survived beyond 25 years of age. Un libro que no sólo tenéis que leer sino releer, o al menos eso haré yo siempre que pueda para recordarme las grandes enseñanzas que esta valiente mujer nos ha regalado a través de este maravilloso libro. You could have died, too, somehow. Perhaps there’ve been times when you’ve wanted to. But you didn’t. Hope is the conviction that you survived all that you survived so that you can be a good role model. An ambassador for freedom. A person who focuses not on what you’ve lost, but on what’s still here for you, on the work you’re called to do.”

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